BOOK REVIEW “That Horrible Child” by Kylie Abecca

This book is a very special one.
Little Kylie has a very enigmatic vision of the world. A little girl who, from an adult’s perspective, is always messing up, but from her kind heart, she only tries to solve situations, rescue animals and save babies.

This book is composed of several chapters, each one telling us a completely different story, which makes the reading quick and fresh. They are short and neat. Abecca’s writing is sweet and musical.

This is the kind of piece you need to disconnect from the world for a while, putting a big smile on your face because you can relate to many thoughts the little sweetheart has in her little mind. The title makes you curious about what the book can hide and once you start reading it, you cannot stop.

“That Horrible Child” is perfectly edited and pleasurable to the eye. At the end of every little story, there’s a conclusion making clear some of the points in the thread. The author treats every adventure with lots of love and affection.

It’s very easy to sweep along with the messy thoughts of little Kylie. You can’t help feeling love and pity towards this child, whose heart is pure but her decisions and acts sometimes collide with the reality and her situations. That’s why the conclusion of Abecca is so interesting: when your child acts strange or messes every now and then, perhaps there’s a reason behind, more complex than just “they’re naughty”. Maybe, they have a different sight of things. I loved that idea because, as an adult, you forget the way you saw and felt things when you were a kid, and it’s easy to blame and fall on prejudices with them.

That’s why this book is so interesting, emotional and touchy. I recommend it to everyone because all of us need a reminder of how the children’s minds may work and feel. Congratulations to the author, for such a sweet book.

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“Some say books are meant to have beautiful characters with a superb plot. But today I disagree because The Horrible Child is simple, full of laughter, has memories of fond childhood, and has an amazing storytelling gift. Everybody’s childhood is special and it is our time to learn many things in life. The Horrible Child tells us that children are a gift  not only to parents but to the community in general. Even though Kylie Abecca did funny things and learned a bit differently that others, this book is bright with humour, courage and as Kylie learns not to upset her mother she cleverly does her proud spontaneous self justice by making amends. Kids can make their own pretty little adventures and Kylie has tons of hers which she shares in this special book. I appreciate it and I hope everybody else will too. Because it is not a matter of childhood adventures which later in years makes us all smile. It is a matter of a very good heat, which belongs to Kylie and I am proud that she shared her piece of beauty with all of us. Congratulations Kylie and I  bet this book is another adventure to you. ”

Karishma Krishna

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“I began writing at a very young age, having my first poem published in a state newspaper at the age of 6.  My dream as a child was to write more books than Enid Blyton – And that dream remains strong even today.

I live in the small coastal town of Albany, Western Australia with my three dogs, a cockatoo, a chicken and pet tarantula.

Whilst working on my novel ‘Universal Minds’ I got the idea of self-publishing and worked on releasing my book of poetry, then started writing short stories of my childhood and ‘That Horrible Child’ was born. 

Today I am still working on ‘Universal Minds’ while also writing stories for ‘A Parent’s Revenge’ and brainstorming on ideas for numerous other novels, including a book series for children and young adults about life for children in foster care.”



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