“The Nameless” by Lemmy Rushmore

We’re no ogres you see
We’re no trolls don’t you know
We are odd nameless beasts
That ascend from below

You’ll not hear about us
In those stories you read
Nor will you catch a glimpse
We’re a secretive breed

In the depths we reside
In the muck and the slime
Unless we need to feed
And then from it we climb

Through the ages we’ve slipped
Like a slithering snake
And like thieves in the night
It’s your children we take

We snatch them from their beds
Only leaving the soul
And with one mighty gulp
We then swallow them whole…

Copyright © 2017 Lemmy Rushmore All rights reserved.



A lifelong resident of northern Pennsylvania, Lemmy Rushmore is a mechanic by trade and father of three who occasionally dares dabble in the world of words. He now resides in Roulette PA with his girlfriend of nearly 30 years and his youngest son Zayden. Ranging from emotionally dark to horror, his pieces touch on many topics, but tend to lean more toward the darker side of those things encountered daily. First published in the anthology No Sight for the Saved, which features the superbly dark art of Niall Parkinson, Lemmy’s poetry can now be seen in several anthologies including: We are Dust and Shadow, Demonic Possession, Hell II: Citizens/Cellar Door III: Animals, Indiana Horror Review 2014, Bones III, The Grays, In The Trenches, Doorway to Death, JEApers Creepers, Ugly Babies 3, and Toys in the Attic: A Collection of Evil Playthings for which he won the editors choice award. He has released an art and poetry collection through JWK publishing that features nearly 90 of his poems illustrated by Niall Parkinson, titled Between the Walls. Recently he just finished up work on a soon to be released poetry collection titled A Trip into Madness that features nearly 200 poems.

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