The key of real freedom


If we could realize how important, final and even absolute is our position facing life, we would crash against reality.

Don’t you ever wake up and find no reason to get out of the bed?

Don’t you ever feel like a shot of energy that can take you to the sky?

Our mind…. is mysterious, deep, thorny, dark… and full of lightnings that trace or path in one way or another. You develop needs, wants, fears, strength, panic, obsessions. And those blessings, make you the creature you truly are.

The question is, how bad do you want to embrace your nature so you can make the most of it and free your mind from chains, punishments, torture, ropes and that kind of bondage we make it suffer just to fit, to imitate, to be “normal”.

 Don’t. Don’t be “average”. Embrace yourself. Love yourself. Free yourself.


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