6 tips you can’t miss for exploding the galaxy in you



Nowadays, we’re rushing off all day. Work, family, home… social life? We’re bombed with a clear message: “Rush, hustle, work, work, work, be better, be more, work more.” and it’s OK because work and effort is the basis to any empire.

But you must find a balance. Your soul need releasing too. A little moment for you, no matter what it means. For some will be staying for a while alone with jazz on. For others, will be having a beer (or two) with a good friend. Maybe, what you need is to drown in your loved one.

If they say everyone is a world, we can assume every couple is an entire galaxy.

I like that idea. Because a galaxy is a waltz between fragile, volatile and vaporous creatures and hard, heavy, strong rocks and ashes crushing against each other.  They cannot exist without one another. They could neutralize themselves but beyond that, they find a perfect match where to sweep along and set free their deepest and darkest nature. Not because of that, less beautiful and intense.

The result is a floating ocean of different shades of dark colors shinning through balls on fire, spinning around and racing eternally, fusing their inner energies to feed off each other. Alone, they are nothing but lost creatures. Together, they create an amazing source of such an unstoppable blizzard.

Find your galaxy. It’s in your deepest coffin, waiting for you.

  1. Find a quiet space to rest. Close your eyes. Stay in silence for a while.
  2. Find answers being true to yourself: what makes my body shake? What makes my mind tremble?
  3. Face it. Maybe it’s not what you expected. In fact, it will be easily something afar from your routine, work, or comfort zone.
  4. Open your eyes. Go to your work zone and… work on it. Research, look for tons of information, invest your time, look for who can help you (there are a lot of awesome professional out there in social media giving advice and data.)
  5. DO NOT GIVE UP. It’s your life. Do you want to live it vibrating or do you want… average?
  6. Take a decision and follow through.


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