5 tips you can’t miss to get better. Reach higher.

5 tips you can’t miss to get better. Reach higher.

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Good morning!! Coffee first? Yes please, double one!

There’s a thing I use to do often. I stop my mind, sit down, take a piece of paper and think:

What can I do, what can I change, to improve, to make more efficient all I do? 

What am I doing wrong, or perhaps I could do better? Being humble is what leads you the long way. You always can improve what you’re already doing.

At work, with your family, for your own health and care, for your Spirit.

“Work hard while they sleep. Learn while they party. Live like they dream of.”

(Beautiful, ain’t it?)

For example: you can ask yourself today.

  1. Do I have my goals clear? If I don’t, write them down again, and focus.
  2. What can I do today, that I didn’t yesterday, to get closer to them? Get in touch with someone who can lend me a hand? Or teach me something useful? Perhaps.
  3. Am I at my fullest physical mode? Could I improve a little my workout? May I drink more water or eat healthier so I can feel stronger to fight? Think about it
  4. Do I have the appropiate circle of friends? Remember that
  5. If it’s important for me, do I pray enough?

If you want to be a lion, you have to train with lions. 

(It’s very important. )

It seems so silly, BUT IT’S NOT. If you are not asking yourself constantly these things, you won’t get better, you won’t get higher. Let’s be more demanding, let’s get stronger results!

Enough for this morning! Improve, make yourself more efficient every day.

Only practice and effort makes perfection.

Have a good day

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