Tips to workout at home when you cannot gym

Tips to workout at home when you cannot gym


THE BOLD MOM Workout at home

“Feeling good” is something that happens to mark our character and personality.

Most people doesn’t realize that they are always upset and mean, negative and tired because they are not feeling OK with their bodies or their personal strength, so they become insecure and without confidence, and it falls right on the people around them, whether kids, husband, work partners or the guy who serves the coffee.

I know you are busy and don’t have enough time to just “go to gym” as many people can do.

But let me tell you it’s just AN EXCUSE from your mind.

It’s true that having a trainer or a nutritionist is priceless, because they are such great professionals who can make the most of you and your effort, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t work at home by yourself.

But maybe you have no time, or you just can’t afford it. But you can take 15-30 minutes everyday and make a little workout. You can find plenty of training routines at professional trainer’s sites, and just follow some simple tips:

 Tea better than beer

Walking better than car

Light dinners

A lot of fruit and fresh water

Give a wave goodbye to soda, sugar and fries.

As I use to say, IT’S UP TO YOU. All you put in between, they are all excuses. In a year, you will be happy and proud you started today.

You can find easy and efficient workouts at home in my Instagram (@mar_watercolor) or I’ll be glad to answer back any comment or email (contact form) about any doubt you might have 🙂

Take the challenge and be the brave person you always wanted to be.

Few things make me feel better than the feeling of work done and burnt  workout, trust me.

Have a good and productive Wednesday! 🙂


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