The key of peace. Trust. Trust and be humble.

The key of peace. Trust. Trust and be humble.

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Very often we do not realize how important is our mind and thoughts in our life.

When you are negative, complain, focus on depression or sadness, nothing can go right. It’s impossible. You are not letting your way clear up.

It doesn’t matter what kind of fight are you in. Never become a victim, never. You will be drowning your world.

When you keep being positive, don’t let the sadness take possession of your soul, treat others kindly… When you are humble and giving, the right people appear in your life. Trust me. I’ve been there. And this takes effort and discipline. It’s a decision, not a gift or a natural born strength.

So when good people asks you to let them in, allow them. Trust them, refresh your circle, believe in the power of sharing. Don’t be vain, don’t be selfish, don’t be mean.

You need others. I need others. I thank God everyday for the awesome people I meet in my way. And I keep no hard feelings to the others. Everyone has something to teach you, whether in active or passive way.

Forget. Forgive. Move on.

And share if you want to be given. Love a lot if you want to be loved. Be thankful if you want to be appreciated. There’s many people over there willing to know you and climb the top with you. But you must be open to know them.

Trust is a sort of bravery and boldness. Because it takes a strong person to love again, trust again, give again, when life’s been rough to you. But EVERYTHING has a reason underneath. Maybe you are not seeing now, but you will. I promise. Just, trust the way. Trust your instinct. It will be your best friend from now on.

Have a beautiful day, and never give up. Because you never know what’s happening next. Maybe, one more day and you would have got there. Who knows? Take the risk, jump the cliff.


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