“The Truth of Madness” by Tina McFarlane


You call me mad
Just because I see what you do not
Do you so fear the truth?
I can see you
See you for what you really are
And that terrifies you
Even more than me
I see what thoughts you keep
Words never spoken
It’s like a mist
Surrounding you
Suffocating you
and I can see it
So, can you
But you choose not to
They swirl around you
Those lies and evils
That you try so hard
To keep hidden
But not from me
I see those evils
I hear those lies
I see and I am not afraid
Not like you
I could never be like you
You say that you are not like me
and that is true
For I am truth
Disguised as madness
And you are a ghost
Swallowed by lies
So, you keep me hidden
But I can only see your truth
It is not my job to reveal it
It will do so in its own time
In its own way
And once it does
Then you will be mad
Just like me
Until then
I will wait for you
See you soon.

As a writer, I have a dual nature, and love both the light and the dark. They each bring out a different side of me. Writing gives me the chance to explore both.

Here, in this special place, you will find my darkness.

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