“Wings” by Tina McFarlane

My wings tear through my flesh
The ecstasy of pain and pleasure
As black blood drips from white feathers
I stretch and rise from this putrid earth

Oh! The feeling is pure bliss
As the Night ushers forth

And with it the Monsters

We fly past the clouds
Up to the stars
We, Hell’s children
Who now climb to the Heavens

What beautiful irony

Come my pretties and dance with me
Rise and fly above the masses
Who have no idea what we have in store
For Fortune favours those
Who favour themselves

Rise and screech your freedom
Let your voices lift to the Darkness
Feed your souls upon the Innocent
For Mankind has had his Time

And now it is Ours

As a writer, I have a dual nature, and love both the light and the dark. They each bring out a different side of me. Writing gives me the chance to explore both.

Here, in this special place, you will find my darkness.

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